Near miss reports

Gathers analytical data to categorize and trend analyze near misses thereby providing an excellent leading indicator for your organization. Has user workflows to ensure accurate and usable descriptions of the events are recorded. Root causes are required when possible and there is also the facility to conduct incident investigations similar in process to the report below. Read details on the next report. Ensures near misses are easy to report and analyze, at the same time enforcing follow up of any preventive measures to close out. Once this system is implemented you will likely see an increase in reports in your organization due to the ease and paperless benefits.

Incident reports and investigation

The emphasis is to have a report which is comprehensive enough to address the biggest of incidents and is equally suited to analysing a smaller scale incident. The main concept here is to have the report as well as the root causes and completed preventive actions in one place. The thrust is to compress these processes at the same time giving enough room for detail. The reports are easily converted to different formats like word and pdf for easy dissemination of lessons learnt.

The report starts with collection of relevant information as well as summaries. Almost any kind of attachment is allowed including word, excel, ppt, pdf, gif, jpeg, bmp, wav, mp3, wmv, mp4 and the list goes on. For those who disdain technological abbreviations these are file types encompassing documents, spreadsheets, pictures, sounds, videos etc.

Root cause analysis is comprehensive requiring preventive actions to be recommended and thereafter closed out by ‘actions’. The ‘actions’ have their own workflow separate from the incident report and can therefore be delegated to responsible personnel for close out. Actions lodge themselves as tasks on the responsible users’ homescreens and remind if and when they are overdue. Supervisors are also alerted in case of overdue actions.

All workflows require a responsible person in the organization to ‘approve’ completed reports or follow up actions.